New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

11:15 am AHST 11/4/2021
2:15 pm  PDT   11/4/2021
9:15 pm  UTC  11/4/2021

Scorpio has a reputation as being a sign that involves the darker aspects of the human psyche, mostly because of its association with the scorpion and its stinger, and its ruling planet of Pluto (also Mars). But the other symbol for Scorpio is the eagle, for its ability to soar above the clouds with a keen and perceptive eye for the goings-on below it. Scorpio is a fixed water sign astrologically, meaning it has strength in its staying power. But the element of water gives it fixed feelings, strong emotions, and oftentimes, held grudges and attachments to things of the past that need to be forgiven or released. It is also the focus of those things which are fixed and unchangeable, like Death, Taxes, and the deeper issues of our existence, that of karma, the issues in our lives that emerge repeatedly, that force us to come face to face with our deeply felt, hidden feelings.

This chart which initiates the next lunar cycle shows a very strong tendency toward the exposure of that which has been hidden, the emergence from the underworld (Pluto’s realm) of secrets and power, how power has been seized by the few using deliberate manipulation, creating “alternative facts.”

Mercury, ruler of facts, is involved in one of two T-squares in this chart. T-squares are formed when two planets are 180˚ opposite each other, and a third planet forms right angles to the opposition. Right angles (called “squares”) and oppositions astrologically are the more stressful aspects, pointing to energy that needs to be “tamed” or learned how to be used wisely. In this chart, Mercury, our reasoning and thinking processes, is opposed by Eris, the goddess of chaos, who reminds us of our shadow components, those things we’d rather not look at in ourselves. Her archetypal energy is one that mixes things up for the sake of disordering the status quo. And both Mercury and Eris are “squared” by Pluto, the force which strips away our human desire to control and scheme in order to hide the truth, bringing up what’s been hidden in the underworld of our psyche. So this month may be one in which we uncover some deep truths about ourselves, our relationships, as well as on the world stage, the rotten core of politics. We may find that deeply held beliefs become shattered under this incoming influence.

The other planet associated often with being the “heavy” in astrology, Saturn, is also the focus of another T-square, this one being the major T-square in the chart, involving the New Moon in opposition to Uranus, the insurgent of the zodiac. The square between Saturn and Uranus has been an ongoing theme this year, having been exact twice before, and will become exact again on Dec 24th of this year. This is the battle of the reactionaries versus those who are clamoring for major changes in the ways in which we do business on this planet. This battle, being so entrenched in our present culture, is ripe for a breakthrough. Social cohesiveness is already breaking down in so many areas, which beckons the fascists who clamor for a return to stricter laws to quell the uprising of rebelliousness. Uranus in Taurus is like the voice of Greta Thunberg (who was born with Saturn trine Uranus) asking us to revolutionize the way we treat the Earth (Taurus). Saturn is a “heavy” because it’s the ruler of time, (as in it’s running out) and while in Aquarius it’s emphasizing the challenge of meeting our ideals, which are not idealistic any more, they’re about survival.

Neptune is in a trine to this New Moon, signifying the possibility of having some inspirational awareness spreading throughout our psyches, dreams which can guide us through these darkening times. On the other hand, Neptune’s archetypal energy can be experienced as becoming more delusional about reality, and so be aware that there’s a great fog rolling in this month, a fog or veil that may help us see beyond our present situation, or one which can just occlude our clarity and feed our desire to keep our heads in the sand.

Mars is also more tightly forming a tension-filled 90˚ angle to Saturn, and this asks us to keep our righteousness in check, as Mars in Scorpio can be prone to feeling justified in its desire for revenge. Authority can be seen as something to forcefully or violently rebel against with this chart configuration, but if we’re conscious of the temptations to push hard against that which constrains us, we can use this energy productively to, for example, speak our truth in situations where we can make a difference.

A rare nearly exact minor aspect called a quintile (72˚) between this New Moon and Pluto speaks to needing to see the creative side of our challenging experiences, though they may be difficult to bear, there is perhaps a positive side to the darkness that Pluto brings. Difficulties can bring a clearing out of old psychic material, to make room for new life, new ways of being that we could not have achieved otherwise. This is not just putting on a positive spin to our deepest suffering. It’s knowing that our challenges are the seeds for new growth. Personally and globally, this is true for us all, and is often the only candle that shines in the darkness.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.