Full Moon in Libra

11:48 am  PDT  3/28/2021

  9:48 pm  UTC 3/28/2021

Full Moon in Libra

Libra, the sign of relationships and relatedness, is ruled by Venus, the archetypal goddess of Love, Beauty and Art. Just two days before this Full Moon, Venus conjoined the Sun, marking the middle of its 584 day “synodic cycle” (meaning a meeting together, as of Venus and the Sun). Whenever Venus conjoins the Sun, it is going to change from a morning “star” to and evening star or vice versa. Now, at this Superior conjunction, Venus will move to becoming an evening star for 9 months. This cycle has been followed, written about, and mythologized by all the ancient civilizations, dating back at least to  7000 BC. Notably, the myth of Inanna of Sumerian origin speaks of her descent to the underworld and a trial of death and rebirth. Interestingly enough, over 8 years of time, (five Venus/Sun conjunctions) the pattern it makes magically forms a pentagram in the heavens (see diagram).

Since Venus has just conjoined the Sun she will spend about 60-90 days invisible to us, in the underworld (having been “combusted” or transformed by the Sun) before she will re-appear as an evening star around the beginning of May. (The last Venus/Sun conjunction was June 3, 2020 when she began her rise in the morning in the east before the Sun.)  At this transition from outer expression to inner, the archetypal feminine is experiencing a kind of cleansing and rebirth. She has gone from leading the Sun into the sky at morning, to following the Sun at sunset and leading the rest of the stars into the night.

Most notably at this Full Moon, Chiron is smack in the middle of the Sun and Venus, all three tightly conjoined in Aries. And next door to Venus is the asteroid Ceres, the largest asteroid in the belt, and significator of the Great Mother archetype. What a combination for our times! We are in great need of the archetypal feminine to step forth and be recognized, for the woundings she has incurred, and what is needed for her rebirth.

Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, points out to us where we have inherited a wounding, something in our psyche that cannot be fixed. Sometimes it is a physical disability, sometimes its origin is ancestral, and spiritual, but we are wedded to it, and it can serve to inform us in some way if we are open and humble enough to accept its message. Since Chiron is in Aries and conjoined the Sun (our will) it’s most certainly about how we relate to our aggressive energies. Years of patriarchy, denigration of the feminine, (whether that be women, the feminine element in men, native peoples, or the Earth herself) and extreme, competitive views of masculinity have not only wounded our relationships, both personally and globally, but the ecology of the planet as well. Venus in Aries is a warrior goddess, fighting for what she loves with passion and intensity. But have we been too focused on fighting? When we want something do we think we have to fight for it? What does this say about our world view? Ceres, too, is in Aries, but she doesn’t mother us by fighting, she does it by her unswerving nurturance, self-determination and ability to adapt to new and changing circumstances.

The Full Moon chart sports a Grand trine (3 planets in harmonious 120˚ angles) in air signs. This is a window of opportunity to build or re-build our relationships along new structural lines. This aspect reflects to us the opportunity to have patience and stamina to navigate relationship territories that may have been difficult for us to bridge. Mars and Saturn together in cooperative relationship bring strength and patience, and with the Full Moon in league, the potential is there to speak our truth, improve the ways in which we communicate our feelings with others, and heal old wounds by doing so.

However, we must be cautious to not overdo things, as Mercury (communications) is in watery, shifty Pisces, and conjoined Neptune in Pisces (dreamy and vague) while being in a challenging square (90˚) to Mars in Gemini, so we must check our words and our intentions before going forth. We may find ourselves gushing or over-elaborating when we wanted to be clear and precise. But Mars also forms harmonious sextiles (60˚angles) to the Sun, Chiron Venus and Ceres, so in a way, it is asking us to speak our truth, to use our truth as our sword in action. And since this is a Moon in Libra, it’s a good time to ask for help from trusted friends to help us see ourselves.

Chiron is monitoring the wounded energy of Mars-ruled Aries now, at this Full Moon along with the feminine planetary bodies of Venus and Ceres, all holding court. This is a meeting of the gods and goddesses to mirror to us what needs paying attention to. On the world stage, there is a great deal of grasping at the last vestiges of male power (as in power-over), especially here in the US with the recent assaults upon voting rights. Why limit one’s ability to vote unless it threatens the structures of a long-established power elite? The Universe is our mirror.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.