New Moon in Taurus

11:59 am  PDT  5/11/2021

  9:59 pm  UTC 5/11/2021

New Moon in Taurus

This New Moon in Taurus asks us to make a fresh start in the arena of what Taurus rules: our relationship to the Earth below our feet, to the deep physical sensations within our bodies, to feelings of pleasure in viewing the beauty and sacred holding and security that our Mama Earth provides for us. Many of us, living in cities or immersed in our own human dramas, have neglected this primary energetic connection that sustains us. When we walk outside our shelters, let go of our personal drama, and have only the sky above us, our bodies register and drink in that deep relationship, whether we are conscious of it or not.

For everyone on Planet Earth, the pandemic has affected us deeply. More significantly, it has slowed down the mad rush of commerce and given us a bit more time to pay attention to what is around us, as well as to our health, the safety of our bodies, and how important relationships are to our well being. This New Moon chart lacks any planets in fire signs, and is a further corroboration of settling down and using this Moon cycle to get in touch with the beauty of our bodies, our environment, and what needs to be healed after this long time of suffering and deprivation.

The tightest aspect in this chart is with Mars in Cancer, forming a tight 90˚ angle (called a square in astrology) to Chiron in Aries. Mars is in a somewhat unaccustomed sign when it’s in Cancer, as Mars represents our initiating and action energy, and in watery Cancer the energy is more of a emotionally protected nature, somewhat vulnerable. And in a chart without fire energy, our need to move and take action may be strongly colored by emotional needs, whether conscious or not. This Cancerian Mars energy will last until June 12th. Chiron represents the place in our being where we feel most wounded and yet have some of our greatest talents as well. In Aries, it’s about how we have taken action in the world, how we begin or take action, make the first move. With Mars’ nearly exact square to Chiron we have a challenge to look at the ways in which we have either overdone our initiatory energy, or shied away from what our inner impulses were guiding us to do.

There is also a sextile (harmonious 60˚ angle) from Mars to Uranus in this chart, suggesting that to allow ourselves to think out of the box, to go beyond success/failure or black and white thinking, and get creative in our ways of viewing the story of our lives may be quite helpful in moving toward seeing our way out of a “problem” and toward insight. Mercury (our mind, how we communicate and think) also forms a tight sextile to Chiron at this New Moon, which also helps us to re-pattern our usual modes of what we say about ourselves to others, or how we speak about things in our world, which shapes our world view, and so our day to day experience. And Mercury also trines Saturn (forms a very harmonious 120˚ angle), further emphasizing that is a time to re-pattern and re-structure our world view. At this time of the Great Paradigm shift we are all faced with the challenge of re-patterning the ways we have lived our lives. These aspects are supportive of change and growth.

Soon Jupiter will move into Pisces from May 14th through July 28th for a short time whereupon it will retro back into Aquarius till the end of the year, once again entering Pisces in 2022. Every 12 years, Jupiter enters the sign of spiritual growth and the depths of understanding the nature of reality. With Neptune already now in this sign, this is a doorway opening that can help us to observe a more fluid understanding of the changes that are happening in our lives. In order to see beyond the human drama and look at the world as a reflection of the intent we project onto it, we need to understand that there is a larger order, and that our work is not so much to try and wrest control of things (which is an illusion anyway) but to learn how to flow with  events as they unfold. Jupiter’s expansive influence in the sign of spiritual understanding supports humanity’s quest for knowledge not just of facts, but of symbolic awareness, the kind that astrology is an example of, and which reflects humanity’s more developed intelligence. Without this kind of awareness and understanding, humanity will see itself as the “victim” of the seemingly chaotic events of climate change, and disasters of various sorts. When we begin to see the connections to the events in our lives in  symbolic and meaningful ways, then solutions can appear.

Mercury will go retrograde on the 29th of this month, just 3 days after the Full Moon of this cycle (which is also a Lunar Eclipse). This month is the time to firm up financial and contractual commitments, and clarify agreements, and plan for the coming summer’s activities.  Saturn will also move into its yearly retrograde motion on May 23rd, (until October 11th) and since Saturn rules the structures of our reality, it’s a good time to initiate whatever changes you’d like to make, or to create clarity around any future moves that you’d like to plan for in the coming months.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.