New Moon in Aquarius

  7:46 pm  AHST 01/31/2022
  9:46 pm   PST   01/31/2022
  5:46 am   UTC  02/01/2022

There is much afoot astrologically in the coming month of February. This New Moon sets the tone for what could be a fairly dramatic month.

First of all, this is a Moon cycle of learning about how to work with our limitations. This is not as bleak as it sounds. Learning about limitations is also learning about good boundaries, such as where our personal power is influential and where it is not, what we can change versus what we must accept, where our ideals meet the demands and confines of reality. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, this New Moon is conjunct the planet Saturn, the archetype of Time (Chronos) and responsibility. In all of 2021, Saturn and Uranus have been in a 90˚ challenging angle to each other, Saturn representing the old guard and Uranus holding the energy of the desire for change, revolution. This New Moon’s signature has their square embedded within it, as Uranus squares the New Moon, conjoined Saturn. This cycle could be a challenge, but challenge is where we’re at.

Where are we headed as a planet of humans? Toward our own mindless self-destruction, or toward a revolution in awareness that knows that war is about the way to economically shift a country’s wealth? When will the world begin to listen to the heart of the matter, rather than the silver-tongued devil of Power and Domination? There’s little time left to play King of the Hill and squabble over our resources while our ship is sinking. Saturn is here to remind us that Time is running, running, running. 

But Saturn has its positive side, too. Responsibility. Toward the planet, toward each other, toward the values that make us uniquely human. This month is geared toward discovering those pathways of responsibility, and toward what may hold us back and keep us restrained in the old paradigm. However you describe it, there are forces that we may call evil or ignorance, or domination, that want to maintain the world of slaves and masters. And there are forces of the heart that know the way of love, that we must learn how to be responsible to the Planet Earth beneath our feet, that humans are all uniquely powerful. We all have both energies within us, and though we see it played out on the global level, they are personal to each of us as well. Uranus and Saturn can work together to revolutionize our sense of being responsible, to have good boundaries around our egos and to work together as a human race (Saturn in Aquarius) to rise out of the ashes of the capitalistic patriarchy that threatens to destroy everything human and beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, Venus has just gone direct as of the 29th, and will be moving in pretty much a tight conjunction to Mars this entire month, and on into March. They will conjoin in Capricorn within 20 minutes of a degree on Valentine’s Day, (exact on the 16,th  the day of the Full Moon) , and then again they will meet exactly at 0˚ Aquarius on March 6th. Remember that 0˚ mark in Aquarius? That was the same degree that Jupiter and Saturn in 2020 did their once-in-20 years conjunction, but on the powerful Winter Solstice, a combination that had not happened for thousands of years. The beginning degree of Aquarius speaks to the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and not a moment too soon that we learn that universal brother/sister/personhood is the key to our survival, and to our thriving. Also, that Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is the first one in the element of Air in 200 years, shifting from Earth element of materialism toward the ideals of Air, which governs shared information and technology. The shift is happening, but it is just beginning, and isn’t yet the official story.

To each of us personally, the conjunction of Mars and Venus for the next month or so is setting the energy signature for the equality of the masculine and feminine energies in all of us, regardless of our gender identification. Unless we value the Feminine equally with the Masculine, we cannot have equal rights for all human beings. That this conjunction culminates in the beginning degree of Aquarius is especially symbolic of our being able to establish an awareness of the universality of living together on Planet Earth, the Aquarian ideal.

Mercury will be finally going direct on February 3rd. In this New Moon chart, Mercury is conjoined with Pluto. The god/archetype of ideas, thoughts and communications is essentially having an underworld experience, stripping away old destructive patterns and making accessible to us new information and innovative ways of thinking about ourselves and the world. These two will be conjoined for about two weeks, and then interestingly, Mercury will hit that all important 0˚ mark of Aquarius on Valentine’s Day. Look for truth or your vision of reality to be changed/discovered/related to around that time. And perhaps more political info-revelations, too.

With Uranus trine to Venus and also to Mars in this chart, we are called to improve our patterns of relationship. What are old patterns that are perhaps unconscious and need updating? Since both Venus and Mars are in Capricorn (where Mars is exalted astrologically) we are called to take a good look at the ways in which we relate to those we love, as well as those people we work with and must get along with. Uranus asks us to learn and form new patterns here, changing not only ourselves, but to create caring and kindness around us.

All in all, Saturn in this New Moon signature asks us to bring our ideals down into practical, useable reality. With four planets in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn, this is a month of paying strict attention to what works, and what doesn’t, to the responsibilities of our relationships, which includes the Earth. Saturn may fiercely demand we do our utmost, but it is also the source of self-respect for our achievements.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.