New Moon in Capricorn


  8:33 am  AHST 01/02/2021
10:33 am  PST   01/02/2021
  6:33 pm  UTC   01/02/2021

This is the first New Moon of the calendar year, and a new beginning, not just in the lunar cycle, but in many other astrological ways that will have bearing on what happens in 2022. Most prominently, Jupiter has entered Pisces, where it has not been for the last 12 years. Wherever Jupiter is in the zodiac, it expands and optimizes the energies and issues that are associated with that sign, giving us a much-needed break in the darkness that has been shrouding us for the past years. Jupiter will make a one-time conjunction with Neptune in Pisces in April of this year. Since they are both the rulers of Pisces, many doors of opportunity can open this year, especially in the areas of our lives that are in such dire need of the kind of consciousness that the depths of Pisces represents, such as a universal sense of compassion. Since Neptune, the planet of the unconscious, is conjoined Jupiter which rules spirituality, it is of vital importance that we dream ourselves into a new world, and that our spiritual lives become lived outside in the world around us.

Also the North and South Nodes of the Moon will change signs at the end of January, which happens about every 18 months. These Nodal placements govern the issues that are in the forefront of society, and the karmic ties associated with them. With them in Gemini/Sagittarius (for the last 18 months) we’ve been dealing with how we adhere to our laws, or the lack of belief in them, the societal allegiance to order and cooperation, versus its breakdown, as well as the increased onslaught of ideas, truth and lies, and media information dominance over how we operate our lives (Gemini). As the Nodes will move into Taurus/Scorpio just around the Full Moon of this month, the focus is shifted toward our values, which means our money, our possessions, but also our shared resources, as well as taxes and hidden elements of who holds wealth. This can involve the banking systems of the world, cryptocurrency as a new way of negotiating economics, but with the Pisces influence of Jupiter/Neptune, also the disenchantment with materialism that will come as resources become increasingly scarce on our overpopulated and increasingly overexploited planet. This also means a more open re-evaluation of capitalism in general and the damages it does to our ecosystem.

Jupiter will square (form a right angle to) the Nodes the day after this New Moon, blasting open, shaking up our thoughts and philosophies with a much-needed infusion of Piscean lessons in depth of feeling and a compassionate sensing of what needs to be changed in this world. Competition and building up of weapons will not heal the traumatic wounds of our past. Only through the vulnerability of human connection will the walls of separation come tumbling down.

The Saturn-Uranus square (rules of law versus need for change) which was so prominent last year, will still be with us in 2022, no more exact squares, but that 90˚ aspect will come close in October of 2022, perhaps an indicator of a downward economic event. Uranus is trine to this New Moon, and heralds some major changes in the ways in which we transact business, and exchange goods and services. The sign of Capricorn is concerned with obligation and response-ability in how we create security and safety in the world, and yet the Uranus trine means that these ways will be undergoing positive changes even with the challenges by those wedded to the old and established patterns.

Venus is now retrograde and will conjoin the Sun on the 8th infusing that archetype with light as she prepares to become our morning star. Mercury is slowing down and preparing also to retrograde on the 14th, going direct on February 4th. We’re still in for more confusion and deliberate obfuscation during this time politically, but also this can be a time of unearthing lies and secrets, and getting a clearer perspective.

Mars squaring Neptune at this New Moon doesn’t make for clear actions in the outside world, but can indicate a month of hunkering down to our inner world needs, especially with the upcoming Mercury retro and Venus retrograde now. This is about finding what matters to us and what we value the most, letting go of those distractions and diversions that stand in the way of our discovering what our psyche needs in order to be nourished.

We are close to approaching the Pluto return of the USA, on 02/20/2022. This is the first of three exact conjunctions of Pluto’s position from where it was in 1776 at the USA’s birth, which is the beginning of a rebirth of the US. (See my essay Thoughts on Winter Solstice.) This is going to be a year of testing of our inner strength, of our ability to regroup and form relationships in the face of challenges from the climate, from our changing economics, and the pressures to change our ways. We each need to strip away all that no longer serves us, whatever keeps us from serving and helping others, to discover what gives us a sense of integrity. In so doing, though this may not be an easy undertaking, we discover the fulfillment of our souls’ purpose: to become an instrument of healing in times of great need.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.