Full Moon in Aquarius

  3:35  pm  AHST 08/11/2022
  6:35 pm    PDT  08/11/2022

  9:35  pm   EDT  08/11/2022
  2:35  am   BST  

This is the fourth in a row of Full SuperMoons, being closest to the Earth, and thus intensifying its effects, both gravitationally and astrologically. As you look up into the sky at this Full Moon, even with the brightness of the Moon, you might be able to see Saturn, a bit of tiny light next to the Moon. Yes, this is a Moon conjunct Saturn moment, just at the time they both oppose the Sun in Leo. And as we look again at the chart, we can see that Uranus at 18˚ of Taurus forms a tension-filled T-square, to the planetary opposition. 

Moon/Saturn at the best of times is when things get really serious. Not a lot of fun or frivolity usually accompanies this time, which happens once a month or so, but not always at a Full Moon. Moon square to Uranus is when the unexpected happens, when the urge for excitement can be quite at odds with the restraint that Saturn calls for.

Uranus square Saturn, innovative versus conservative, were in a fairly close 90˚ angle (called a square astrologically) all last year, and they remain somewhat close this year as well. When their right angle is overlapped by other planets, the energy intensifies. Mars has just finished a conjunction with Uranus and is still close enough to filter its aggressive energy to up the ante of tension. So at this Full Moon we are feeling strongly the Saturn/Uranus struggle. More than ever around the world, this tension between those who want to keep things as they were (those who want war, patriarchy, big profits, and rigid beliefs) and those who see the urgency for great changes, lest all of humanity go collectively off a cliff to our doom, are clashing.

Can we see that the clashing is in a terrible way, a necessity? Is there any hope that we can survive these horrific rendings to our social fabric of war, insurrection, and proliferation of gun violence? And what of the poisoning of our environment? Actually, the chart does give us some clues. If we look at the trines (harmonious 120˚ angles) in the chart, we can see there are some release points for these tensions.

First of all, the Leo Sun, famous for its courage and generosity, is in a trine to Chiron. While Chiron represents the wounds that our souls came in with, this is a reminder that when we work to heal these generational traumas, then changes can happen. Secondly, Mercury is trine to Uranus, which is the higher octave of Mercury. This is intelligence in its highest form, encouraging us to think out of the box, and learn new ways of viewing our present situation. As Einstein said, we cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them. Insight comes when we are not thinking our same old thoughts, when we meditate, or get quiet enough to connect with our greater Self.

Third, Venus is trine to Neptune. We must learn to love in ways that transcend our former self, the beliefs we have grown up with, or the grudges we’ve held in our hearts, possibly for generations. Neptune connects us with our deepest imaginal self, and can help us dream of a world of reconciliation.

Fourth, Mars is trine to Pluto. If Mars represents desire, Pluto is its higher octave planet, the deeper desire that is powerful within us. In its best form, this represents the physical determination to dig in and use great strength and stamina to support our efforts for changing the world around us, in whatever ways we are best at doing it. But in order to use this power, Pluto demands that we own our own shadow, our darkest selves, which often act out of fear and thirst to be powerful. We love to point our fingers at others whom we project our shadow upon, and we have plenty of examples from our media-rich world today. Pluto also opposes Venus in this chart. That higher love of Venus/Neptune can disappear if we use our power to become attached to being powerful, either in relationships, or out in the world of commerce.

Uranus being so strong, having the tightest aspect in this Full Moon chart (half a degree) points strongly toward new beginnings happening, a turning point in our lives. Whether personally or globally, change is in the works, and will affect us all as we gaze up at one of the largest and brightest and most powerful Full Moons of the year.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.