Full Moon in Cancer

  2:33 pm  AHST 12/26/2023
  5:33 pm    PST  12/26/2023 

  8:33 pm   EST  12/26/2023
  12:33 am   GMT 12/27/2023

This Full Moon in Cancer happens just a few days after the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. But no matter which hemisphere you live in, we are still in that period of time where the Sun’s placement on the horizon where it rises (or sets) has stopped shifting for a period of about a week. This is the meaning of Sol-stice (Sun-stop). During this time we are in a period of “pause” in all things in our lives, a time of reflection and an internal taking stock of our lives and our direction. This is a pause in our lives, a down time that we can allow ourselves to be quiet, internally and externally.

Adding to this, Mercury retrograde intensifies the internal feeling of this year’s Solstice week. It’s two degrees away from Mars and will conjoin Mars exactly on the 27th, the day after the Full Moon. Mars in the sometimes-cocky sign of Sagittarius conjoined retro Mercury can result in quite a bit of misfiring communications and conversations, things taken personally, jokes or jibes taken as insults, words spoken (or texts sent) too quickly that can’t be recalled. This is a good time for internalized activity, meditation, art, cooking, etc. anything that is not necessarily about linear thought processes. In addition, Mercury is very tightly square (forming a 90˚ angle) to Neptune, potentially adding to the confusion and missed connections with others. The advantage to be gained from these aspects is, again, keeping a strong inner focus now, meditation in all its forms, sitting, walking, eating, breathing, everything can serve as that focus of staying firmly in the present moment. And then perhaps insight can emerge.

The Cancer Moon in this chart is in a trine (120˚angle) to Saturn. Though a harmonious aspect, Saturn lends a more serious and reserved note to the usually emotional Cancer Moon. And since Saturn’s in Pisces, it tends toward the inward feeling tones of connecting with spirit in whatever way works best for you. Cancer Moons are time for self-nurturing as well as the nurturing of others. Saturn’s presence focuses us now upon what we ourselves need in order to have capacity to give to others. Venus is trine to Neptune, and so our love energy can be deep, even mystical, but use Saturn here to observe good boundaries on our own need for sustained self-care. 

Get ready for a strong movement forward in January! Two planets and Chiron are stationing direct in the next week, which is an important shift in the energies that have been quite inner focussed. When a planet shifts into direct motion, the energies that it governs come more into active mode in our lives, rather than being internalized. First, Chiron, which has been retro since July 23rd, goes direct less than 3 hours after the exact Full Moon. Chiron represents the need to address our wounded nature, whatever suffering we’ve experienced early in life that remains unalterable, and yet informs us toward a more wholistic view of our identity in the world. With Chiron retro, we’ve been looking at the most wounded parts of ourselves, and now we’re ready to put whatever we’ve gleaned from that time, into a more useful perspective. This is also true on a global, collective level as well.

Next, on December 30th, Jupiter will go direct, having been retro since September 4th. Jupiter governs our sense of being expansive, that “can-do” feeling of possibility. We may have insights now that are ready to be put forward into the world at large. And Mercury will finally end its retrograde on New Year’s Day, Jan 1st, fostering a sense of being able now to go ahead with plans that have been gestating for the last three weeks. Some astrologers caution not to leap ahead too soon with Mercury’s direct motion, as it needs to cover the territory it went back over before it’s truly direct, called the shadow point, which will be January 20th. Use your own judgement as to whether that applies to you in terms of signing contracts or entering into large purchases, partnerships or agreements.

Looking ahead into the New Year, 2024 has a few major events up its sleeve astrologically. For starters, Pluto will be entering Aquarius, the sign of universal brother/sisterhood for the first time since 1778, a period of revolution both in the US and in France, when the focus was shifting away from the “kings” of the world toward the needs of the people. Aquarius emphasizes the equality in the rights of all beings. Transformative Pluto will briefly be in that sign from March 23rd to June 11th, giving us a glimpse into what we might be able to become. Then in 2025 it will be there for almost the next 20 years! Expect the pushback from that to be monumental. However in Trump’s chart, things are going to get very interestingly challenging for him, as Uranus, planet of unexpected changes, crosses his Midheaven beginning in June, the place in one’s chart that governs our reputation in the world. Though it may take a few months to manifest, this transit can cause sudden and dramatic downfalls from grace.

Stay tuned!!

Love to you all.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.