Full Moon in Virgo

  2:30 am  AHST  02/24/2024
  4:30 am    PST  02/24/2024

  7:30 am    EST  02/24/2024
 12:30 pm   GMT 02/24/2024

We are now in the time of the year when the Sun is in Pisces. It’s a time when we’ve reached the last sign of the zodiac, approaching the zodiacal beginning of the year on Equinox, (this year) on March 19th. That’s the time when the Sun crosses the equator and begins to rise further and further north each day.

In this chart, which is the culmination of the Aquarius Moon cycle, the Virgo Full Moon pulls quite tightly against all the other planets in one way or another. (See chart). Most strongly it opposes the Sun (which is the definition of a Full Moon) but also the Sun is conjoined with Mercury and Saturn, so it’s pulling on them too. It’s a kind of polarized feeling in the air.

A Sun/Mercury/Saturn chart denotes a kind of seriousness abounding, especially as the Moon opposes Saturn, a time in which things feel a little heavy, and our emotions tend to pull us downward. The Virgo Moon energy is about work and our health. We may find ourselves in a “nose to the grindstone” kind of mood, or our health may be triggered by Saturn’s imperative, which is to look at the structures of our life and how we are living within them, to see if they are negatively affecting our health or well-being. Mercury and Saturn together ask us to choose our words carefully and wisely.

Four days later (the 28th), Saturn conjoins the Sun, and this will add to the seriousness-feelings around the events of our lives. Here is where patience under challenging circumstances is helpful, a count-to-ten approach if things get too overwhelming. But also, if you’ve been working hard and have all your ducks in a row, this can also be a time when something culminates in an achievement and you receive appreciation and recognition from others. Also, since they’re in Pisces, it’s a great time to meditate or do a self retreat for a day.

Venus, Mars and Pluto have been conjoined for almost a month now, making things quite intense and intensifying. Venus and Mars come together about once every two years, and their rendezvous brings extra strong feelings in the sign they’re in, which in this case is Aquarius, the sign of ideas and innovation. However they’ve also been at a square (90˚ angle) to Jupiter in Taurus, which asks us to ground those feelings and thoughts toward practical considerations, rather than have them just be “wouldn’t it be nice” thoughts that are a passing fancy. This is further corroborated by the Moon being at 150˚ from these three planets, an angle of adjustment and caution. Be wary of intensity as it arises, and proceed with both feet on the ground.

This is not a particularly action-oriented chart, having no fire planets and nothing in cardinal signs. So for the rest of this Moon cycle, this is a time to reassess what works and what doesn’t in our lives, and to pay attention to the inner signals that come across our attention, being aware of what our desire thoughts are, versus what is actual intuition. It’s mostly a water-based chart, so lots of strong feelings are running around us all.

With the Moon in a trine to Jupiter (120˚ angle), positive feelings are also here, ones that turn to generosity and a feeling of giving back to those around us who are working hard. With the Sun in Pisces now, along with the planets in Aquarius, one’s spiritual practice is even more important, and intuitions from our dreaming and in awake time are much stronger now. We may look to what kind of differences we can make in other people’s lives, to help out those who are suffering. We may be able to access deeper feelings of compassion, for ourselves, and for others, and meditate with intention to not only help our own state of mind, but also to contribute to a greater calmness in the world around us.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.