Lunar Eclipse in Libra

   9:00 pm  AHST  03/24/2024
  12:00 am    PST  03/25/2024

  3:00 am    EST  03/25/2024
  7:00 am   GMT 03/25/2024

The eclipse season has begun with this Full Moon which will be a Lunar Eclipse, with the Earth passing between the Sun and the Moon, creating Earth’s shadow on the Moon. Shadow is a term that Carl Jung used to describe those parts of ourselves that don’t agree with or are in conflict with our ideas of who we are, and so are called “unconscious”. These aspects of our being are then projected outward from the unconscious into the outer world, and land on people and aspects of the world around us that bring us suffering, or receive our contempt. This can be people that we work with, or our irritating neighbors, or people whose skin color or body type, or whose lifestyle we disapprove of. The Shadow must be reckoned with, or we continue to perpetuate the pain and suffering that is passed down from generation to generation. Jung’s famous quote goes something like “what we fail to make conscious in ourselves, appears in our lives as fate.”

Astrologers see eclipse cycles, which happen every 6 months, as times in which the Shadow in our lives can become more prominent, bothersome, or available, depending upon one’s approach and dedication to self-awareness. If we look at shadow contents without a qualitative judgement, we can see it as whatever qualities in ourselves that we deny and project outward. This can mean that if we have a negative self-image, then those positive qualities we’d hope to embody are seen in others, as we watch them succeed and flourish or do things we wish we could do.

This Full Moon eclipse is in Libra, opposite the Sun newly in Aries, and just passing Equinox. This past Equinox was especially intense in my experience. The Earth’s magnetic field weakens at each of the two yearly equinoxes, as its position in equal day and night brings it directly in line with the Sun’s magnetic field, and the two nearly cancel each other out. This is called the Russel-McPherson effect. What it does is allow more cosmic radiation—which the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from—to enter our bodies. Energetically and metaphysically, this shifts us in various ways that are highly individual, but this year they occurred at a time when the Sun was also hurling at us a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) of solar radiation.

March has been a month of changes as also at the beginning of this month the polar vortex at the North Pole weakened and then actually began to spin backwards. So if you’ve been feeling strange, look to the skies for confirming signs, as astrologers do!

Libra, the sign of relationships, is opposite the Sun in Aries, the sign of individual development. Each of these qualities are necessary for us to navigate getting our needs met: relationships bring us in connection with the outside world, and are important for mirroring, and this helps us to develop and improve our sense of self. The shadow contents of relationships, with various issues of dependency, and power dynamics, are at play during this Lunar Eclipse. However, there is a strong trine (a harmonious 120˚ angle) between the Moon and Pluto, which can help is to see through to the deeper truths of our behaviors, to what we may be projecting onto others that is actually something in ourselves we either desire or hope to “get rid of”. Emotions can run high with such an aspect, especially with Mercury in Aries conjoined the wild and irreverent Eris, so this is a time to consider careful action and spoken words.

Saturn and Venus have been conjoined, bringing some sense of discipline to projects we’re working on that ask for our creativity. And they are sextile ( a helpful 60˚ angle) to the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. These two planets only conjoin every 14 years, and signify the possibility of rejuvenation of our deepest beliefs about the world and the possibilities of change and reform. This conjunction will be exact on April 20th, but is already heightening in its effects upon us mortals. At this stage, it’s an underground rumbling, like the thunder before the electrical storm, but it’s activating deep within us the desires to dynamically pursue change, both personally and globally. Jupiter rules our world view, as in our spiritual or higher sense of why we are here on Earth. And Uranus is asking us to cut to the chase, to rewire whatever’s necessary to change in order to adapt to and help heal this changing world. Remember that as we make our personal changes in how we manage our energy and relationships, breaking through old unhealthy patterns, we directly affect the health and well-being of the world we all share together.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.