"Forest Gods © Stephan David Hewitt

Stephan David Hewitt's lifelong passion for patterns inherent in natural forms manifested early. Growing up in rural New York State and coastal Maine, his first teachers and earliest subjects were the surrounding patterns of water, rock, ice, snow, farm fields, evergreens, moss, leaves, tides, fog and clouds of four robust New England seasons. An early talent for piano and composition led to his interest in musical form, and subsequent training in electronic music, sound design, videography, and all forms of digital art.

His visual art has largely explored two themes; the discovery and enhancement of archetypal human images inherent in the natural world, and the power of abstract design to evoke, express, and enhance spiritual states.

He is also the managing editor and publisher of Hand to Hand Publishing.

His counseling practice deals with astrological and spiritual concerns, the karmic reasons the soul has incarnated into this particular lifetime, with its stories as mirrors of the soul’s desire to grow. He also works with dreaming, having undergone analysis at the Jung Institute in Los Angeles, and is a certified Relational Somatic Practitioner, having trained for 10 years with Dr. Michael Sieck in the Three Fold Way, an integrated approach that considers body, mind, and spirit when addressing the whole field of human suffering and transformation.

He can be reached at stephan@stephandavidhewitt.com