The word "spiritual" has so many different meanings for each one of us. I believe it's simply a way to express that there is a deep and meaningful reality which contains our known existence, the wisdom of  which is accessible through various techniques that surpass the thinking mind.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been offering people who come to me alternative ways of looking at their lives, and their experiences.  Spiritual counseling is a way for individuals to go beyond the limits of traditional psychology, by using dreams, metaphor and the discovery of one’s own personal symbology to understand your experiences from an empowered viewpoint. Together, we explore different ways of understanding “problems” in terms of opportunities to grow and learn, to go deeper into our awareness of ourselves and the world, as well as our place in the cosmos. Basic to my approach is investigating and  learning what are the needs of the soul, and how it expresses these needs and longings. When we begin to allow for and nurture those needs, our lives can transform.

ASTROLOGY is an ancient science and art, founded long before any of our major religions, appearing in all advanced societies across the globe. It has been used in many different ways throughout the centuries, and is essentially the study of the symbolic movements of the planets in our solar system as they mirror the inner movements of our collective and individual psyches.  “As above, so below,” is the ancient dictum, and it applies in astrology. It involves much more than simple sun-sign horoscopes, since the Sun is only a single part of the many influences from the other planets that affect us. Through the gateway of understanding the symbolic and mythological content of the movement of the planets and the archetypes they represent, we begin to see how our own life story mirrors what we see in our own chart.  We then can begin to understand why we chose this lifetime, what the challenges are that our particular soul has taken on, and the skills and talents are that we came in with that allow us to handle these challenges. Also, we can look ahead at the movement of the planets to help us to use this timing in our own lives to plan events, and be aware of the cycles of our growth and development. Additionally, we can look at relationship charts to see where our soul’s karma intersects with another’s.

DIVINATION is the art of using symbols, such as tarot cards or the  I Ching in ways that allows us to go beyond the controlled state of our personality and enter into a place where we open to the unknown, to mystery, where spirit can speak to us.  By trusting in the mysterious and seemingly random ways of the Universe, we can begin to open to deeper meanings. I offer tarot card and I Ching readings, as well as channeling work to help us explore together ways to deepen our connection to the hidden worlds out of which all Creation springs.  We can never totally understand All That Is, yet that mystery is constantly informing us and challenging us to mature into new awarnesses of how our Universe works.

HEALING The process of healing is as mysterious as life itself. Medical science is valuable knowledge, but it is not the whole story.  The energy of a disease is intimately connected also to the process and story of our lives, to how we engage and employ our life force energy.  Since ancient times, music, sound, drumming, visualization and hands on work have contributed to healing as much as herbs and medicines, in some cases even more. I work with sound and hands on energy, and a knowledge of Western herbs to facilitate the healing process, and integrate these with an understanding of how the story of one’s life and one’s ancestral lineage affect the ways in which we carry our life force energy.  Ultimately in all my work, it is kindness and devotion to the sacred nature of healing that informs everything we do. This encourages a greater awareness of what we are dealing with moment to moment in order to take a greater responsibility for our own healing.  Miracles are far more commonplace than we are led to believe.  They are the very substrate of our lives.

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